6 Holiday Light Tips You Should Read Before Decorating Your Home

Being home for the holidays means spending more time with your family and with that comes celebrating family traditions. One of the oldest traditions being decorating your home for the holiday season. Whether you are putting up a few lights or in a competition against your neighbors it is important to decorate safely! Follow these tips to keep your home sparkling and safe this holiday season.

1. Never leave lights on unattended

Whether you are going sleep or out to run a quick errand, never leave your lights on unattended. This could save your house in the event of a shortage, and save you money on your energy bill. There are many products that allow for your lights to run on a timer or be controlled inside from a remote. If you find that

you are forgetful, you could set a reminder on your cell phone or leave a note in your house in a frequent spot.

2. Try using an LED light strand rather than the traditional incandescent lights

LED lights have proven to last longer and save your money on your electric bill. They also produce little to no heat making them safer to use inside and outside of your home. They are more pricey but worth the investment for your home.

3. Use your indoor lights inside and your outdoor light outside

There’s a reason why there are two different kinds of lights! Indoor lights are not sealed to prevent moisture from entering and getting to the wires. This makes them unsafe for use outside of your home. Check the packaging to be sure where they can be used and if you are unsure search the brand online or buy new lights.

4. Throw away old or broken lights

Holiday lights and fixtures have come a long way over the years as companies shift their focuses on safety. Those tangled lights that you have been pulling out of the attic for ten years have had their run. Replace your old and broken lights with newer, safer ones that protect from events like surges or shortages.

5. Ensure outdoor light strings are secured

Winter can bring some heavy winds and the nastiest of storms causing your outdoor lights to become loose and hang. This can cause a hazard outside your home for anyone around it. Also be sure to secure indoor lights and keep them out of reach for children and pets.

6. Keep your holiday tree from becoming a hazard

During this time of year having a live tree in your home could potentially become a hazard. Water your tree daily, and when it becomes dried out throw it away. There are also artificial trees that you can purchase which are made with fire-resistant materials to keep your family and your home safe.

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