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Quick Month Newsletter March 2023


In this issue:

  • Carrier Spotlight: Nationwide

  • The Coverage Corner: Motorcycle Insurance

  • Quick Tips for Spring!

Personalized Coverage That Worksfor You! Everyday life brings the unexpected, along with the things you plan for and look forward to. There’s no way to know what’s ahead, and details and deadlines can keep you up at night. We help provide some peace of mind, whether you’re at home or on the road. Nationwide's motorcycle insurance will keep you protected and give you year-round peace of mind, whether your bike is on the road or in storage during the winter months Different riders have different insurance needs. You may have spent years investing time and money into a vintage Harley, and want to look into custom equipment or modification coverage. Or, you could be starting out with a new motorcycle license, looking to increase your medical payment coverage, just in case. Quick Insurance is here to help riders make informed decisions on motorcycle insurance.

The Coverage Corner:

Let's Talk about your motorcycle policy!

When it comes to your motorcycle and your passengers, you need the best motorcycle insurance to stay protected on the road. Motorcycle insurance from Nationwide can cover collision damage costs, medical payments, theft, covered natural disaster damages and more.

What does motorcycle liability insurance cover?

Motorcycle liability insurance covers damages you cause others — up to your policy's coverage limits — when you're deemed responsible for an accident. That includes:

  • Medical bills for injuries you cause to other drivers or pedestrians

  • Property damage, such as damage to other vehicles involved in the accident or objects and personal property, for example, if you crash into someone's fence

  • In some cases, legal fees associated with an accident if another party takes you to court

Optional Coverages

Custom equipment:

This covers after market parts and equipment not originally installed on your vehicle by the manufacturer. You get $3,000 of coverage if you have comprehensive insurance. You can buy additional limits up to $30,000.

OEM endorsement:

This coverage helps ensure that your vehicle is repaired with new parts from the original equipment manufacturer(OEM),when ever available. If an OEM part is not available, we’ll issue payment based on the fair market value of the new OEM part. Available for vehicles less than 10 years old.

Roadside Assistance: Members can increase their coverage to include trip interruption expenses incurred when traveling more than 100 miles away from home.

Call us today to review your existing policy or to quote a new bike for you!


Quick Tips for a great spring!

Spring is around the corner, that means warm weather is just ahead! Here are a few tips to maintain your home and prepare for the Spring!

1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

2. Check for Signs of Termites

3. Inspect the Roof

4. Inspect Driveways and walking paths

5. Check Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

6. Check Screen Doors and Windows

7. Schedule Air-conditioning Service

8. Examine the Chimney

9. Check the Attic

10. Replace Rotted Siding or Trim

11. Check Outside Faucets

12. Recaulk Windows and Doors

13. Flush Out Your Water Heater

14. Replace or Clean Your Dryer Vent

15. Prepare Your Lawn Equipment

Let's Hear from you!

"Thanks for always having your clients' best-interests as a priority!" -Michael S

-"Searched for good pricing, helpful reminders about my renewal dates" -Maryann A

-"Dawn is always there when you need her, she always pleasant and helpful. We have been with Quick Insurance for over 30 years" -Matthew H

-"Very helpful and professional. I am fortunate to have Diana as my account rep!"-Ron S

Send in your testimonials and reviews! We would love to share them!


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